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Xcode - Hello World Problem

Hey guys, sorry if I’m at the wrong category but I didn’t find Xcode

well, I’m a newbie at it and I am doing a course here in Italy.
well every time that I compile a simulator with a label, button or anything it appears after a short while a Hello World

I already erased my Mac but the damn system files never go away nor I know how to delete them,

if someone has some idea it will be great

Hi @vandelft and welcome to the forum community! If you aren’t seeing the correct word in your label, I would suggest adding a string to it. For example, you can create a label and set the text value to “Hello Italy!”.

@IBOutlet weak var myLabel: UILabel! 

myLabel.text = "Hello Italy!"

Hope this helps. If not don’t hesitate to ask more questions here.


Hey Gina, thanks for the answer, you’re #1 my problem is when i don’t touch the code and repeat what the teacher does, go to the simulator and create a label to teach us about dimensions…


Hi @vandelft, if you have code you’d like to share with us so we can help with any problems please do so. We are here to help!