Xcode 9 App Localizzation Problem

Hi guys,

I’m trying to localize my app in English and Japanese. but when I try the app in device happen one strange thing: the app is in foreign language if only I change the region of my iPhone. e.g. the region and the language of my iPhone is Italy and Italian (because I’m Italian). I localized the app in English (like base language) and in Japanese. if I change the language of my iPhone to Japanese, the language of app don’t change. but if I change also the region to Japan, the language of my app too, change!!


what am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi @rufy,
In my opinion, that is the correct behaviour, here’s why

If I am in Spain say for example, I need the language to be English because I cannot read/write Spanish. However, I need the local settings and details that are relevant to Spain. So unless you change the language, the language localizations do not change. There can also be a Spanish person that is more comfortable using Spanish as the language on their phone, but have the region set as Australia.

Hope that makes sense,



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