XCODE 7.3 Horrondous problems while compiling AdHoc dev copy

Dear All,

I need help and guidance, in this error I am getting while archiving and trying to export an ipa file -

An App ID with Identifier ‘biz.yyyyyyy.xxxxxxxx’ is not available.please enter a different string.

I have literally tried everything to fix this, i.e. proper bundle identifier, provisioning profile, certificate, wwd certificate etc. But still I am getting this error and i am not able to install the ipa on my device.

I don’t know what i am doing wrong or if this is a xcode7.3 problem or any other problem.

I urge all respective members here to please spare few minutes for this and help/ guide me to overcome this trauma.

Thank you one and all

A deeply frustrated and disturbed ios dev

That means that Xcode believes there is another app with the same bundle ID. Have you tried changing it?

hello jgnovak,

thanks for your reply, i have used same bundle id in development and distribution, is that causing a problem ? or do you suggest i should simply create a new bundle id and do all the provisioning cert etc all over again ?

Basically yes. You have published an App with this Bundle Identifier. There can literally only be one of these world wide, the Bundle ID acts as sort of a GUID.

Is this the same project that you published or a new project?

The big caveat here is that there could be a bug. Particularly if this is literally the same project that you published to the App Store from.

If that doesn’t answer the question, can you give us a little more detail about the project?