WWDC 2017 Initial Impressions

Screenshots annotation also work on iPhone. Not iPad only.

Very good encouragement and advice for me is also very meaningful!Thinks!

Yes. It seems Dusk, but after install Xcode 9, I realize It’s not Dusk…

I thin is “Kellys” More info at GitHub Repository

Thanks for the update.
Well summarized, you even made seem like a very positive WWDC.

For me I was quite disappointed by this WWDC, nothing crazy for developers, and Apple seem to have held a lot of announcements for their consumer conference in the fall.

For me, biggest and most interesting announce is the CoreML and AR/VRKit.
It was a bit difficult to bring stuff from Tensorflow or Tesseract to do any computer vision or machine learning stuff.
Still didn’t explore the libraries, but the first code I’ve seen seems less “swifty”.

Biggest disappointment is the Home thing presented more as a speaker and not open to developers, Siri being downplayed, heck even SiriKit got no new goodies (was excited when I saw "General Knowledge on screen as new Intent domain).
I understand Apple always closes the first year of their new products to normal developers in order to educate people and devs. But Google Home and Alexa are doing wonders, wanted in :cry:

Also, while Xcode 9 brings a lot of small advances, the are still small, most of the libraries frameworks (HealthKit, SiriKit, SpriteKit, etc) had practically nothing new. I home they’re not waiting for after the consumer keynote when they announce new hardware to bring updated frameworks in a minor update of iOS/Xcode. It’s always annoying to have big framework differences on the same iOS version.

Sorry, that was my (not so) little rant.

Ummm, that’s a little bit deeper I’m looking for… :cry:

@obusek Hi Andy!
Where I can download same Xcode theme that you had shown on the screenshot in “New Editor” section? Thanks in advance.

Wow, so much popularity about my Xcode theme! @fitomad was right, it’s Kelly’s - with some customization. And TBH I can’t even remember what those customizations were lol. I think it might be the font - I use Consolas 14pt

I 100% agree. If anything, WWDC finally convinced me to get an Echo. I can’t believe how little love that SiriKit got this year, with all the advances with Alexa and the Google Assistant. I’m also loving the KVO introduction into Swift 4.

“Kellys” with Consolas font. How do I share it?

You got it - Kellys with Consolas font

Oh awesome! Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for the information. Mainly about Xcode.