Woodpecker, a Mac app aimed at helping you develop iOS Apps efficiently, Promotion codes for you!

Woodpecker is a Mac app aimed at helping you develop iOS Apps efficiently, now it provides 9 powerful tools.

  1. Sandbox :

    • all sandbox files are just there, no steps needed.
    • support view, edit, upload, and delete files.
    • provide nice preview for plain text, json, image, and even sqlite files.
    • support preview, edit, delete items in sqlite file.
    • mornitor file changes(add, update, delete) in realtime.
  2. Network :

    • All network request are transfered from app to mac client directly, no proxy setting is needed.
    • support http(s).
    • support view app’s cookies.
    • http response body are saved in local disk, you can view later.
  3. UserDefaults :

    • preview all items in one view.
    • edit items easily.
  4. Web Console :

    • run javascript code in app’s webview online.
    • view webview console’s log,warn,info,error message.
    • capture webview window’s onerror event.
    • support both UIWebView and WKWebView.
  5. Controller :

    • view app controller hierarchy (not view’s).
  6. Localization :

    • view all localized items in one view.
    • help you find which item missing its translation.
    • export all items into one excel file.
  7. Notification

    • view notification without a breakpoint.
    • support both local and apns remote notification.
  8. Device

    • view app enviornment information.
    • capture screenshot.
  9. I/O

    • provides the communication api between app and mac.
    • support custom you own plugins.

Video demo

Woodpecker was built to solve the common problem we meet everyday during development, tools like sandbox, userDefualts and controller even provides a new viewpoint to inspect our app,
It will improve your development efficiency and save tons of time for you.

Here’re some promotion codes, please leave a message after you use one of them, and your advice is welcomed, enjoy!

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Woodpecker is available at Mac AppStore
And if you need to have a try, there’s a 30-day beta version, please contact me at woodpeckerapp@163.com

@zhangxiaogang Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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