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WKInterfaceImage control refreshing

I update WKInterfaceImage control very often (2-3 times per second) using the setImageData function. The main thread refreshes the image 1 time per 4 seconds or more. Seems it not drops update requests which it can’t process in real time and set them in a queue. The WKInterfaceImage control is a proxy object and it’s not possible to refresh it forcibly. The update requests are being sent somewhere very fast without mandatory control refreshing. Is it possible to do something to refresh the image more often than 1 time per 2 seconds (if to update 1 time per 1-2 seconds)?

@oleg.dr Do you still have issues with this?

hi @oleg.dr,
if you don’t mind could you try to explain what exactly are you trying to do here, maybe there is another way to resolve what you are trying to do.


Hi shogunkaramazov,
Unfortunately, yes…

Hi jayantvarma,
My iPhone app sends webcam images to the paired watch, the transfer time is good enough, but the WKInterfaceImage control can’t be refreshed in reasonable time.

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