Will you cover mesh manipulation?

Hi, I am enjoying your book very much and look forward to it’s completion.
I have a need to alter meshes using Boolean operations on base mesh object, like Union, Difference and so on. (Also called Constructive Solid Geometry). Will you cover how to deal with that? It seems that Apple is more geared towards working with Voxel modeling, do you have any advice on how to proceed. Looking at some JavaScript based csg code at github, it doesn’t look too hard to do, but it would require direct manipulation of the mesh data, or possibly going via Metal I/O. Any advice on which direction I should look?

@lagerberg - No, I’m afraid Constructive Solid Geometry is currently beyond the scope of the book.

I don’t think Apple is “more geared towards working with voxels” - they give it as an option in Model I/O - see MDLVoxelArray, but I haven’t used them much, and only with SceneKit, not Metal. Constructive Solid Geometry would be easier with voxels though.

There’s a WWDC video which mentions boolean operations using Model I/O and voxels: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2015/602/ - but I don’t think it delves too deeply.

Okay, Thanks for the quick response!
I am somewhat reluctant to go into voxel modeling, but maybe that’s just prejudice from my side!
Best regards