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Will Books be Updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11?

WWDC 2017 has come and gone - and will books be updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11? Find out here!

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Wow you guys really stay on top of it. I have learned a ton of great things in swift through this site. Thank you!

Hello Chris,

Is there plan to have iOS 11 by Tutorials book as well ? If so, is there free upgrade ?


I’m very glad and thankful that I’ve sticked with this site, with your books and videos, too :slight_smile:

Just want to give a big thank you for all the hard work and the free updates. Very appreciated!

Hi Ray,
Will these new books be on paper?

@oaranger: iOS 11 by Tutorials is now available for pre-order:

Unfortunately, it’s not an upgrade from iOS 10 by Tutorials (just as none of our iOS X by Tutorials books are ever upgraded). But it is on sale for pre-order, if that helps!

@lpelizza Eventually, yes! We do plan to release paperback copies of these books.

What about RxSwift one?

@lucianboboc: We’re waiting to see if and when the RxSwift community makes the leap to Swift 4. Once that happens and RxSwift 4 is released, we’ll likely begin the updates to the book. Thanks!