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Will be available SwiftUI Book?

Dear community.

I could see and download this book (SwiftUI by tutorials) in pdf format however it was updated and want download it in pdf format but I only see epub format. will it be available in pdf format?

Best Regards.

hi Aldair, thanks for reading our book!

there’s been some discussion about PDFs for books, resulting in this article.

tl;dr to answer your question (emphasis added):

When Will PDF Versions Be Available?

As you can imagine, we haven’t created PDFs of books since last year, so this isn’t a switch that we can flip overnight. However, we are targeting the first books to come out in PDF format starting today, April 28th, beginning with Android Apprentice, Fourth Edition.

We’re planning to roll out the remainder of our book catalog in PDF format throughout May and June of this year, including your favorite titles like Real-World Android by Tutorials, SwiftUI by Tutorials, Server-Side Swift with Vapor, Dart Apprentice, and more!

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That’s absolutely fantastic! Thx

@alda-loq-369 @appelflap Please check out our SwiftUI Apprentice book when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

@shogunkaramazov thanks, I read it fast. It looks very interesting because one day a wan to teach other developers who start in swiftUI.

Thanks. a lot.

Is this book only available as an online book?

if you buy it, you get links for epub and pdf

another forum poster said he couldn’t buy a book because he’s a subscriber, and the answer was to email Razeware to organise a purchase.