Why does my app keep rejected in App Store review due to Guideline 3.2.2 Business - Other Business Model Issues - Unacceptable?

Hello Everyone, my app was rejected in app store review for the following reason:

Guideline 3.2.2 - Business - Other Business Model Issues - Unacceptable

The primary purpose of your app is to encourage users to perform marketing-oriented tasks, which is not appropriate for the App Store.

Next Steps

We encourage you to review your app concept and incorporate different content and features that are in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

My app is a social network for influencers (Instagrammers, Youtubers …) where they can follow each other, chat and get notifications. In addition, Every user creates a wishlist in his profile (a list of products generally clothes) to share it with the other users so all of them get inspired by different styles and share new ideas. The user has a list of brands that he can use to add products and when someone clicks on a product it is redirected to the brand website to buy the product. The users get a commission on every product sold and they have a statistics dashboard where they can follow their revenues.

I found many apps in the app store that they have the same business model like: 21 buttons, Reetags

That is very weird why my app is being rejected for the business model where in app store I can find different apps with the same business model.

Any help is appreciated guys! Thank you for your support!

I believe that just about every app developer has gotten rejected at some point. It’s not the end of the road and you have the ability to provide additional information to aid your case for that app.

Please take a step back and look at your app from the perspective of an App Store reviewer, also as an App promoted by Apple in some way (if it’s in the store, it’s being promoted by Apple via searches, etc). Can their grievances be addressed?

I don’t fully understand how your app works, but it seems like financial transactions are involved? Do you clearly state how they work? Do they leverage the Apple platform?

Apps that have been accepted at some point, are not good reference. I had trouble submitting an open source text editor for macOS (Moped). It got pushed back a few times, until I solved all concerns (as petty as they may have been). Now it’s there.

Good luck!

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