Why do stack view labels disappear when i make height of one 0, please guide


I have been able to make an UI view appear or disappear depending on width regular or C value , but i came across a problem that i am unable to solve despite many efforts, i had 2 objects in horizontal stack, and i want the label text to disappear when in wC and hR state but both should appear in wR and hC state…

link to what i am trying below

but when i make the height property of text label 0 the emoji also disappears inside the stack, can any. one please guide me how i can solve this issue


@amitsrivastava Thanks very much for your question!

I believe it’s because the height is 0 :wink:

If the height of any property is set to a value of 0, it won’t be visible. It has to be greater than 0 in order to appear on screen.

I hope this helps!

All the best.

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