Why are tuts still available on features that have been discontinued?

I have noticed there are still some tuts available despite the features they are espousing have been discontinued. Specific example is iAd. You have several videos on this and I’m afraid some people may start going through it only to realize they are wasting their time since Apple dropped iAd almost a year ago.

I’m sure there are others as well.

@dpalme. Thanks very much for your question! You are correct, this topic, as well as many other legacy articles, and courses are indeed still available to our users. The reason is more of a service to our community of users. Libraries for example may have older issues of magazines, newspapers etc, despite the fact that the news is now history. The fact is, perhaps someone has a legacy project which uses this technology and despite knowing that Apple has moved on to other, better alternatives, the user specifically needs an answer regarding this legacy technology. It’s rare, but it does happen. You will also notice that our site also contains many tutorials on older versions of topics that have evolved significantly since their first introduction (e.g. Objective-C, Core Data, NSURLSession, AFNetworking/AlamoFire, Cocos2d, etc). Our user base is diverse, and by allowing them to still access legacy tutorials for whatever reasons they may have, we feel that it is to the benefit of the user. To be fair, once a tutorial has been updated, we do make it quite clear that the new and improved version is in fact based on an older issue of the very tutorial, whether they be written or video tutorials.
To your credit, it would make sense to inform users for tutorials of technologies that have been deprecated for what the newer, better alternatives are. I will pass this note along to the “powers that be”. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, and thank you for your feedback!

All the best!

I appreciate the reply. I understand the issue as it pertains to legacy, but in some cases where Apple has discontinued a service, or a feature is no longer applicable, etc. It really needs to be deprecated and removed. Absent that, it should be marked as such.

Again, thank you for the reply…

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