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Where to learn how to add a SQL database to apps in Swift 5.1?

So, I’m a beginner and want to learn how to add a relatively small database to my Swift/iOS app. I found the RW site because there is a class called " SQLite With Swift Tutorial: Getting Started" - which looked exactly what I needed… But alas, the first piece of code it hits does not work on my computer. (yes I posted here to help me get thru that issue, but got no response whatsoever… I looked thru the comments of the courses, and the moderator said that since the course was 6 months old, they were locking the thread for questions, so I think I’m out of luck with that course… I know its an older course, but it was the only hit on my google searches for SQL (which I know) and Swift (which I’m trying to learn)

That being said, I need to learn how to add a simple SQL (or whatever) database to an app in late November 2019. Everything with SQLite seems to be from 2 years ago, and requires coding updates to work in Swift 5.1 (which I just dont have the skills yet, and can’t find info)

Persistent Data seems to be a really important piece of app development, so I’m surprised there aren’t more current courses on it… Everything I read about pure SQLite (no add ons) makes it seem it is completely adequate for my needs - but I just cant find a beginners tutorial that works in Nov 2019…

Any suggestions?