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Where to go when you've graduated from "beginner"

Hi. New user, first post, nice to meet y’all!

I’m sort of graduating from beginner to intermediate right now, and I’m a little lost as to where to go next. I’ve completed Swift for Beginners courses on at least four different sites, and if I build one more “My First App” I may cry.

So, I’ve got a decent grasp of the fundamentals. I’m still a little iffy on a couple of the harder subjects, like optionals, but I think the only way to get better at that is by actually doing.

Also, I feel at this point that I need to actually at least break ground on my own project or I’m going to get so frustrated at my lack of progress on it that I’m going to lose motivation.

I have a project in mind. I have a to-do list for that project. The first major thing is to create a MacOS app that will serve as the backbone for an iOS companion. Basically, it will function sort of like iTunes (or Books, if you’ve upgraded to Catalina) only specifically for audiobook library management and specifically if it were written by an actual bibliophile who cares more about accurate and useful library management than pushing book sales from the iTunes store.

In other words, you manage your library on your computer, then transfer the files (and playlists or some equivalent that are arranged for continuous series playback) to your device.

My first issue is that MacOS tutorials are thin on the ground and current ones are even thinner. Most of the tutorials I’ve found are from 2017 or even earlier. I suspect this is in part due to the fact that (just getting into this) I’m jumping in during the time when people are migrating a lot of their focus to SwiftUI rather than UIKit and there just aren’t as many tutorials out there yet.

My second issue is that I just am having a hard time finding the tutorials/courses I specifically need to acquire the skills I need for MY project. I’m frankly not even sure I know what skills I actually need because so much of the information I’m seeing is so outdated that I’m not sure it’s relevant to me or if I’ll begin working on it only to find it’s no longer the way things are done or that there’s a better way after I’ve put in a lot of effort.

So I guess I need opinions on where to look next. This is the first section of my to-do list:

Based on this, and my level of learning, where would you recommend I go next to pick up the skills I need to break ground on this project?

Thank you.

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