Where is ViewController.swift in xcode 11?


I had purchased the book some time back and now i am back again to finish the learning , but as i start from the book, the new xcode 11.0 and swift 5 , when i create a new project there is no ViewController.swift in left panel …

Has the book been updated? If so please guide me from where to download as i am getting lost at the very first basic step …


Hi @amitsrivastava, when creating a new project in Xcode 11 you have the option of choosing SwiftUI or Storyboard next to “User Interface”. If you choose SwiftUI you will not see the ViewController.swift file. You can add a ViewController.swift file by going to File > New > File. If you choose storyboard for your new project then you will automatically receive the view controller file.



@gdelarosa - thank you so much

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But isn’t Section 2 suppose to show you how to design the Checklists app with SwiftUI?

We’ve completely rewritten the first half of the book to teach you how to build your first two apps using SwiftUI! We then created a brand-new section in the middle of the book to help you bridge your SwiftUI knowledge with UIKit, and the second half of the book has been updated to show you how to use UIKit in iOS 13.

@amitsrivastava @naotme You can download the latest version of the book over here:


I hope it helps!

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Thanks for your help.

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@shogunkaramazov - thanks

Hello ! I’m using the latest version of the book (8.3.0), but it seems that the Checklists app is created with UIKit, and not with SwiftUI. :thinking: