Where/how to host videos behind a pay wall

Hellooooooooo tvOS experts and RW peeps! I have been looking at the tvOS book and wanted to ask my more general questions here.

I’m looking to write a video playing app. The videos are behind a pay wall, and I haven’t decided where to host them yet, but they will be on some server somewhere.

What I had hoped would be that I could put some kind of authentication in the tvOS app, and get these videos from a server. It looks like the way to do this is using TVML, since the videos are already on a server, or will be. Is this the only way? Is it possible to do this natively on tvOS, or must I use TVML?


Hi @afinque,
You can use a couple of methods,

  1. On login generate a hash that can be used to unhash the URL links to the video, so if the hash is incorrect the URLs are too so it wouldn’t work
  2. You can use a token that you pass to the server which then sends you the video content or an error

try one of these to start with,



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