Where can i find the source code of the book

I bought the book and now I am on chapter 12 and I would like download the source code but I can not find it under the url written in the book

Please can somebody give me the direct link to the source code.

@arnold_74 did you buy a physical copy? I’ll try find out!

Yes, I bought a physical copy of the book and there is only the link mentioned above.

I’ve asked the team to either fix the link or update it. Hopefully it should work soon! Meanwhile, have a look at https://github.com/raywenderlich/vapor-til which contains the project that is built throughout the book

@arnold_74 Sorry about the trouble! I’ve corrected the files available at that link and you should be able to download them now. If you have any more issues downloading those files, please let me know!

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Thank at you all, I will try it…