What's the largest amount of unread email you've had in your inbox?

My husband get’s on my case about having way too much unopened email. I’m talking 99+ here! How does it all pile up? Geese Louise! Do you have more than me? Doubt it! Number to beat is 387 and that’s from only two email addresses combined…yes I know I have a problem, don’t change the subject!

I think the most I had at one point was five.
It pays not to be popular and knowing as few people on the planet as you possible can.

I frequently have 150 or so unread emails after not checking email after a long-weekend vacation. I get way too many emails!

Wow! That’s a lot for a long weekend! Aren’t you mister popular?

That’s all? I get so much junk mail (that I let pile up), I think my unread over a few accounts was over 15K!

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Props to you, neptunenancy!!! Impressive

I don’t know if it’s impressive or highlights my laziness when it comes to my email inbox! lol

I guess I just have more interesting things to do (coding, for one) than deleting junk email!

Yeah same here. Hey! We should be buddies! I’d love to talk to you about your work!

Wow, when I see you talking about more than 100 mails I got scared : I always try to keep a “10 mail unread max” limit, but sometimes it’s hard to keep.

I’m a person that doesn’t use her email for much, so that’s kinda why I don’t pay to much mind to it. I bet you have a lot of important emails coming in.

I remember the first time I had over 10,000 unread emails in a hotmail account, which was mostly spam. Another time over 17,000 unread emails at work. I get a lot of email from automated systems that monitor the network, it’s truly insane. I don’t read most of them, and they get sorted and put into folders automatically.

Wow! That’s a lot of email! Isn’t there some kind of way to stop all of that automated stuff from coming in?

I just filter it into folders and read it when I need to find something. My non-automated emails are far less, maybe 10 to 30 a day, which is manageable.

That does sound a whole lot more manageable. I’ve recently started unsubscribing to a lot of stuff. Some of these pesky emails make it tricky!!! Like Twitter! On the bottom of the email it says “opt-out”…and I tried everything else but that link. Turns out it meant “unsubscribe”. Lol.

(I know I’m really late with this, just joined but I figured I’d share anyway)

I always thought I was pretty bad sometimes my unread emails will accumulate to over 1k before I purge it. However, the last time I visited my father I was helping him configure some settings and the number above the Mail app was over 100,000. I want to say 102k or so. It made me wonder if there’s an upper bound to the notification number. Does anyone know?

Hiya Princeton! The husband just looked it up and said before, it used to stop at “9,999” or something like 12…05. Those amounts you’ve mentioned are ENORMOUS! I can’t even imagine gong through all that email and deleting it! Even if it were all junk ail, the actual process of “slide to delete” or “select all, delete all” could take days!

I have been spending the time to reduce the emails I get. If it isn’t important or something I actually want to read it gets dealt with. That has cut down the unread emails by a lot.