What's new with version 3.1?

I wonder what the major differences are between version 3.1 and version 3.0 of the Core Data by Tutorials book. Many thanks.

Chapter 2 of 3.1 contains an extra paragraph on codegen settings for the Bowties entity. The entity was originally called Bowtie as well - this caused “Invalid Redeclaration” errors on compilation.

Hmm - I’ve spent more time editing this post this morning, than drinking coffee, which is unusual. The code still seems a bit messed up. The block of code p47 for the AppDelegate is still referring to the entity as Bowtie, even though the entity is named Bowties.

Thanks, nserp.

I assume there would be much more to make it a new release. If the authors put a page or two in the book’s preface or introduction to highlight the new additions and revisions, it would do a good service to the readers.