What to you believe the best language for Android dev - Java or Kotlin?

In our company, we started using Kotlin since its official release and migrated some Java projects to it. I believe that both languages are great. The plus of Kotlin is that it is being frequently updated and improved. Several years ago, Google added official support for Kotlin. Recently, a new version has been released. However, Java is constantly updated, too. What do you believe the best language for Android development?

I prefer Kotlin language for Android

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Thank you for the answer.

Hi @sergeysmartym,
Java is still widely used for Android development specially given that a majority of developers came from the Enterprise Java background.

Kotlin on the other hand provides a much better and modern language to develop and is quite liked by newer developers and is being adopted by a lot of devs and organisations. The beauty is that since it compiles to JVM bytecode it is still reliant on Java but provides a much better language experience.

So personally, I would prefer Kotlin unless you have any legacy code that needs to be maintained.


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Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion!)

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