What professions do you consider the professions of the future?

My son wants to make a lot of money and be successful, where should he go to study? If he becomes a programmer, which one is better?
I really hope for your advices!

Any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is good. You can Google this and will find lots of choices in any of those fields. For salary references, check out 50 Highest paying careers for college graduates - most entries in that list have the word “Engineer”.

That said, and since this is off topic, I will throw the following thoughts in here:

Working on something you may not like, just for the money, isn’t worth the money.


Thank you so much! :thinking:

Ignoring politics, the world is going to be finally realizing how screwed we are with global warming around 2050. Have him work towards a profession in that :]

Totally agree with @robertomachorro, and add that if you will pursuit a career just for the money, that will be probably the worst motivation.

I’ll recommend just let him find out something he will love doing the rest of his life and become VERY good at it!


Mathematics and Physics :partying_face:

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You are right! Нe need to choose what he likes.

If he’s thinking about software development, I’d suggest he try building a mobile app/game or website. Both to see how he likes it and because it’s good for the college/work resume.

And I don’t think you really need to worry about what “type” of programmer – once you get a foundation it’s not that hard to learn new languages & frameworks, and there are new ones being created all the time.