What order to learn Combine, SwiftUI and Catalyst

Good afternoon, tell me the order of studying these three books for the best understanding. If my ultimate goal, quality MVVM with combine and swiftUI.

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For your goal, I would go through the books in the following order:

  1. SwiftUI
  2. Combine
  3. Catalyst

The Combine book has some projects where they use SwiftUI so going through the SwiftUI book first would help you with the projects in the Combine book.

Catalyst is a framework to convert iOS apps to the Mac. Learning Catalyst is not going to help you learn SwiftUI and Combine.

I fell you should start with Combine first then SwiftUI, followed by Catalyst

Hi @mrgyugo,
it depends on what past experience you have. Catalyst is a separate tech, it is more for converting your iPad application to run on the MacOS it basically converts and compiles all of the UIKit code

You can start with SwiftUI, without having to touch combine, but as you reach specific scenarios to do things you will have to come to combine. If you want to learn - academically then start with Combine and then SwiftUI as you will understand many of the things there. However, I feel that any developer will have to go forth between SwiftUI and Combine as required, so these kind of come in together.


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