What is a mobile app development process and how many steps involved in it?

Some one please help me to understand the process of mobile app development. I am new in this field.
Help me out to understand the each stage/step of mobile app development process.

The questions is maybe not one that has a definite answer!

For me, it’s idea - > (optionally) talk to others about it -> do it -> move on.

For someone doing this as an independent developer who makes money from the App Store it might include steps like “hire designer”, “gather TestFlight users”, “release” and “regular updates”.

For someone working in a digital agency you could add “inform client that $feature is impossible on their budget”.

So what kind of developer do you want to be? If you’re asking is there an official process that we all follow - no way.

Thanks aeberbach for your reply.
Actually I am looking for app to one of my product and wanted to know mobile app development cycle and steps involved in it.
So we move forward…

Hi @bluentitweb,
if you are still looking and haven’t yet got your app reach out. Are you looking at creating it yourself or are you looking at understanding the process before you engage someone to create it for you.


It will contain 4 easy steps-
Stage 1: Pre-Design

Pre-design is the first stage of the app development process, where we take a project from the initial brief – whether that’s one line or thirty pages – into a workable strategy. This means working out everything from what the product’s about and who it’s aimed at, to what technologies it should use and how we will measure success.

Pre-design makes sure you get off to the right start with the design and development of your app, and ensures a great final product.
Stage 2: Design

Once you have completed the pre-design stage and you’ve got the full recommendation of approach, you’re ready to move onto design.
Stage 3: Development

Having completed the pre-design and design stages, now it’s time to actually build it.

What do I need to begin development?

The design stage should have provided you with a wireframe, showing all of the app’s screens and how they connect, and visual designs for each of those screens. In our case, we also build an interactive prototype to give a sense of how using the app will feel.
Stage 4: Support

Having completed each of the stages outlined so far in this guide, you should now have a live app which your target audience has started using. At this point you will move into the fourth and final stage – Support.

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In app development process, include idea, strategy, design, development and post launch phases.

Hi there, This is Chris, I am a mobile app developer in Uplogic Technologies.

Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device, and a typical mobile application utilizes a network connection to work with remote computing resources.


  • Market research,
  • Choosing the platform,
  • User-friendly UX/UI design,
  • Testing,
  • Deployment,
  • Regular update.