What (does this mean): "An image load may be cancelled"

what does the following mean? in the context of fetching an image from a remote resource? specifically, what are the scenarios that might lead to it? things like closing the app or sending it to the background while the resource is being fetched?

“An image load may be cancelled”

Hi @lganti, I would think so in regards to closing an app which might disrupt the connection between the server and the client. Or another scenario could be if there the wifi or cell phone connection cut out suddenly.


Hi @lganti, the issue about which you are describing even i have faced it no of times, the reason of Image loading issues could be server is overwhelmed and cannot serve all the page assets quickly enough before the request times out. It generally happens with cheaply provisioned virtual web servers that struggle to handle more complicated, script-heavy sites. If this problem occurs frequently, consider upgrading the server’s capabilities or find a new host.

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