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Thank You … Thank You … Thank You !!! What a wonderful resource !! Just PERFECT !

I stumbled upon you, wanting to code for OSX … and worked through the “Hello World” lesson … and am just totally totally satisfied with your teachings.

Seriously, this is a great resource !

Thanks again.

I am on to the second lesson . . . . .



This is probably my first negative comment in this website.

I’m sure you know that all of your subscriber’s time is valuable. I also know and understand that change is inevitable in life. That said, this change should be accompanied with the appropirate tools for your visitor’s to navigate the new paths of your website.

Case in point: I was searching for your “Beginning Metal” video tutorial, so I naturally used your search function. That was a huge waste of time. However, I finally did succeed in finding this tutorial - on YouTube!!!

Being stubborn, I returned to your website and now couldn’t even find the forums! That’s handy. Digging further, at the very bottom of the main page lay the lowly “Forums” link. Clicking that revealed a familiar friend - The header with the Tutorials, Videos, Podcast and other links. Ah, so nice to be back on terra firma.

I centainly cannot tell you how to structure your website, but IMO, placing “Forums”, “Tutorials” and so on in your main header would be a step in the right direction.

So, having successfully trekked through your new digital labyrinth, you have wasted some of my time and earned this bad review.

~ Best!

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@iswiftshek Do you still have this issue?


Hi all,

Nice to be here, this community is great place to join!

I hope to get lots of benefits from this community.


Hi I was wondering if anyone could update Introduction to the Sprite Kit Scene Editor Fear the Dead tutorial, I bought 2d iOS developer games book years ago and am still loving the great information provided throughout the website! Thank you!


Hello. If I end some module, where can I share finished project for review? Thanks for response


Hello Dear Raywenderlich Team,

Hi i am developing app where i need to have location update continuously even after app being suspended by OS or it is killed by user using UI Multitasking. I have used following options.

  1. Region monitoring
  2. Monitor Significant Change.

I dont get results using region monitoring when app is killed by user. Monitor Significant changes is not giving good accuracy and also it updates location after very long interval.

Please guide or suggest what can i do to make app work continuously. I really appreciate your help in this regard.

Thanks & Regards
Indrajeet Tiwari


Hello guys, and congrats for the new forums! I hope to get lots of benefits from this community.


Hello ,

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Just wanted to say thanks for you site! Just wondering though why the macos tutorials are archived / abandoned… only because, your site is pretty the only reference on the internet for this content. I would have figured its one of your claims to fame! Reason im here anyway. For ios stuff the stanford itunes u course can’t be beaten.

Also just in case wanted to let you know what im doing… i personally dislike swift as a language (happy to be a minority) so i’ve been following along all the tutorials translating them in my real projects to objective-c as i go along. Its been a rewarding and enjoyable experience, though some authors really stand out in quality over others, in both their content and sample projects (warren burton being the star so far).

Thanks again and best of luck!


@learnermas Please check out this thread when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!


? What constitutes reading a post ?
Opening the forum and scrolling down through the posts ?
Do you need to click on post ?

? How long does account need to be active ?
Sorry for the silly questions, I’m new to the Forums !


Thanks for the answer