Web scraping best practices

So I’ve been working on an app for quite some tim nowI. t’s actually my first real own iOS app ever.

he idea behind the app is quite simple

It gets and shows what’s being set what’s being served for lunch today at some restaurants in the nearby town.and displays it to the user by simply scraping it directly from a number of websites.

Up until now the app retrieves what’s being served for lunch today on some local restaurant websites, for now it works like a charm but i’m having a hard time getting my head around that it has to be a more efficient and longterm way of doing this.

One option I’ve been thinking about is tomaybe to have maybe have a PHP script that does the heavy lifting, of scraping,parsing and picking out the right information but then I would probably have to pay for the expenses of a web hoasting solution, which I would rather avoid

So all of this boils down to my question, what do you think I should do?

I’m open to and really hankfull for any suggestions

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