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WatchOS by Tutorials update?

Is there going to be update for watchOS 6. I’ve read the blog post, that says that in your opinion there is not enough demand, but I also see a post asking for an update and the wearables are gaining in the popularity, how about that?

Second thing is that when one bought the book you have promised to update it. Does it mean thatif there are not enough sales, then the clients who bought the book are left with nothing? I don’t like that and like to kindly ask to revisit the decisions made and update the book. Maybe if updates it will not be forgotten and the sales will go up.

I would love to see a WatchOS tutorial update. Please make this happen!

Thanks for the feedback, Tom!

At this time, we don’t plan to update the book to watchOS 6, due to lack of interest from our readers. However, if that changes we’d be glad to pick it up again.

As for updates, we never promise to update any particular book. However, we do promise that if we do update a book, that update will be a free update for digital version customers. That does mean that from time to time we decide to discontinue a book if it isn’t popular enough, which happened in this case unfortunately.

I do appreciate you taking the time to write in about this though, because the more people ask for things like this the more we consider it!