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Volumetric Light Scattering as a Custom Renderer Feature in URP |

Learn how to create your own custom rendering features with Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline by adding some volumetric light scattering to a small animated scene.

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Hey thanks for this awesome tutorial!

I’m having trouble atm with objects in my scene being detected and sent to the occluders map. The objects I have in the scene are using the “UniversalForward” lightmode. I have the ShaderTagId set up in the list as was suggested. I first followed along and set up everything, and then after I had this issue I did a sanity check by directly copying over the source. I get some random artifacts:

For extra clarity, if I walk from an open field into the forest while facing a still sun, the occlusion map does not change at all. The current one that exists seems to have random artifacts.

Thanks for reading!

After inspecting the issue more, it appears that the trees rendered by vegetation studio pro do not add to the occlusion map, but their normal object counterparts do. So it’s a matter of the way vegetation studio pro renders it’s objects.

Great tutorial, but occluders map does not include terrain for me. Did anyone found a fix for this?