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Video Tutorial: What’s New in Swift 2 Part 5: Protocol Extensions

Learn about protocol extensions, a new feature in Swift 2 that will make you rethink how you design your code.

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Hi Brian,

First, I really enjoy this tutorial and want to thank you.
I did the challenge of this part using this function :

func largest() -> Self.Generator.Element{
var largest: Self.Generator.Element? = nil
for item in self {
if largest < item{
largest = item
print(“The largests is now (largest)”)
return largest!

But you did it in a different way and I’d like to know the best practices in that case :

func largest() -> Generator.Element {
var index = startIndex
var largest = self[index]
while index != endIndex {
if largest < self[index] {
largest = self[index]
index = index.successor()
return largest

Thanks in advance and kind regards