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Video Tutorial: Swift Scroll View School Part 17: Pull to Refresh III

In this video tutorial, you'll continue learning about pull to refresh controls and simulate a refresh action, and then make the view disappear.

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Hi Greg,
Thank you very much for the great demo.

When tried your Pull to Refresh II, and it works fine except that the images are shown behind the table view even though I an not scrolling.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi Joseph, sorry to hear there’s some trouble with the app. The video is a bit outdated and I believe it’s on the list to be updated. In the meantime, you can try setting the table view to be opaque — either in the storyboard or from code. I think that will fix the image showing up underneath.

Hi Greg,
I did set the table view to opaque. However, the images will show if there is no table cells on the table.

Hi Greg,
How do you handle the change of the orientation?


It says “Check out the über challenge sample solution to see one possible way to do it” in a Challenge document, but there is no sample solution for über challenge.