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Video Tutorial: Introducing Stack Views: Series Introduction

Find out what's covered in our Introducing Stack Views video tutorial series.

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I can tell that you’re a real performer and artist Sam. Great performance and presentation!

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Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: :dancers:

Iam chinese, I have problem to your accent…

Hey @musicalz,

Sorry I’m difficult to understand. Did you know that you can enable closed-captions? Just click the CC button in the controls bar at the bottom of the video:

Hope that helps you make sense of my accent :slight_smile:


It does not affect much but, I seem to be receiving a warning for the Name Label with

Expected: y=0, height=99
Actual: y=40, height=21

The video does not seem to show that warning at all

Hi @simonqq

This could be for a number of reasons - not least the fact that the video was recorded on a previous version of Xcode.

Hopefully we’ll get around to re-recording the video at some point in the future, and as part of that can address such issues.


Hi @simonqq and @samdavies,

The warning is just due to the fact that Xcode 8 wants you to specify a device type when you look a storyboard instead of the default square view that Xcode 7 uses. Just tell Xcode to update the frames of all views and it will vaporize the warning. This is pretty much true of any of the un-updated tutorials on the site.


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@samdavies Can i put the solution to the exercise question as an open source project in github to reflect it on my resume, that i have worked with Stack Views. Is this permission specific to each course or common for all the courses?

Hi @keshv

All code shared on is under the Apache 2.0 license, which means you can do what you like with it, provided you retain the license notice and copyright statement. Details are at the top of each source code file.

So yeah, you can put the code on GitHub—that’s fine.