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Video Tutorial: Introducing Custom Controls Part 3: Interaction and UIControl

Learn about the different interactions available for custom controls and how to enable user interaction on the icon control making it behave like a button.

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It seems like we are hooking up the IconControl’s TouchUpInside from the ViewController. Why do we need the the tapGestureRecognizer ? If we remove the tap gesture everything will still work ! Maybe I am missing something ?

You’re correct - this was an error on my part. There is no need for the tap gesture recogniser when using UIControl :confused:


Thanks for confirming @samdavies . Also wanted to mention that these tutorials are really helpful, so thanks again :slight_smile:
~ Rakesh

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Big fan of these video tuts. Love the challenges too. Just wondering though…how come there is no challenge pdfs included with the download material for this course? Either way thank you for the hard work that goes into making the vid tuts.

Hi @jwrigh26

There are no challenge PDFs because they’re in video form. However, for some reason the challenge videos might be missing. Apologies for this—I’ll get somebody to take a look into it.


Thank you for looking into this. The challenges are a big help.