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Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS Part 2: Multiple Realm Files

Learn how to use more than one Realm file in your app and define explicit object schemas.

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The Intro and Intermediate Realm videos are great. I just wanted to point out that the challenge PDF isn’t included in the bundle for Part 2. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Indeed! Thanks for letting us know! We’ll fix that later today

For those using swift 3 and the latest Realm (currently version 2.6.2) you’ll most likely run into an error when trying to view the static exams. Something along the lines of the RealmConfig.Static.configuration file could not be opened please update your realm file.

I’m sure there’s another way of doing this but I used the file Realm Browser to open the realm file in question (static.realm) and upon the pop up that states my realm file is v1 to update it to the latest version, I clicked update.

After doing this I was able to run the project as intended. Link below to the Realm Browser.