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Video Tutorial: Intermediate iOS Animations Part 2: Core Animation Models

In this video you'll learn a bit more about how Core Animation works.

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in the challenge, there is a closure… should that have

[unowned self] in

to prevent memory cycles?

Very helpful explanation! Thank you!

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Like tint CABasicAnimation, why doesn’t flyRight animation need to be updated on the model layer?

For tint, we set the backgroundColor explicitly to the new color. But, in the flyRight animation, we do not set the position.x to the new value. In the video, you had explained that the core animation server and the actual screen drawing must be in sync.

I think in fact, in the flyRight animation the position.x is same with the original position ,they are at the same position ,so we can see no move or no difference , sorry my english is not good

Yeah, that’s right :slight_smile: flyRight starts from an offset position and ends at the position where the view originally was, so no need to update it after it’s finished

One minor detail about this and some of the videos.

Could you please try to write code in the middle of the visible area. When writing in the bottom of the screen you are interfering with the subtitles.