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Video Tutorial: Intermediate Core Graphics Part 1: Gradients

Learn how to create gradients to make your app more appealing.

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Hi, thank you for these wonderful tutorials, I feel like I’m getting to grips with CoreGraphics.
If I would want to animate the size of the half circle, the one with the gradient in SummaryView.swift, how would I go about it?
I know about animationblocks and autolayout, etc.
But if I wanted to animate the start and endangle of the circle, is that possible?
thank you,

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: - If you’re going to be doing animation, I would recommend using CALayers rather than Core Graphics. CALayers were made for animation.

The CALayers video tutorial does an animation of a circle outline I think.

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Thank you for the tip!

Hi Caroline,
is there an updated version of the starter code for the Intermediate Core Graphics course?
If I use it in Xcode 9, I get round about 160 errors. If there is a possibility to skip the clean up of the code, I would like to do so.


@refreco - Try the attached. I ran it through Xcode 8 and then Xcode 9 to convert the code. If this regularly happens, I believe you can still download Xcode 8 through Apple developer downloads. (187.5 KB)

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Could you please upgrade the demo project to Xcode9+Swift4?

Sadly, the starter project still doesn’t work Xcode9

The target “PennyWise” contains source code developed with Swift 2.x. Xcode 9 does not support building or migrating Swift 2.x targets.

Hi @crafttang - try the starter project from two posts above your previous one. I converted that one for Xcode 9 and it still works in Xcode 10.

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Hi Caroline,
I like very much your teaching skills.
I’m using Swift 4 and i don’t find the correct command to create one closed path out of a number of strokes.
(CGPathCreateCopyByStrokingPath is not existing anymore)

Compile error gives ‘use copy(byStroking:lineWidth:lineCap:lineJoin,miterLimit:transform)’
I was not able to find any documentation on that command.

Can you help ?


Luc Lannoo

Thank you, @luclannoo :smiley:

As there have been a ton of changes since Swift 2, we do have an updated video course for learning Core Graphics. It’s called Drawing in iOS: However, it does have different material from the older one, and doesn’t include this method.

The documentation for that method is here:

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Caroline, Thanks

Yes, I had this method before but my problem was that I did not really understand how to use it.
I tried
let newPath = path.copy() with parameters and that did not work.
After a small Google I found my error. Now that it works it is obvious.
let newPath = path.cgPath.copy()
You have to copy the cgPath and not just the path. :smile:

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I upgraded it to Xcode10.1 + Swift4.2