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Video subscriptions - Offline view via an app?



While I am not an active reader/subscriber, I’ve been following you from the very beginning and learned so much thanks to you that I can’t even express it by words.

Now, concerning this topic, I was unsure where to post it, sorry if it’s in the wrong section.
My question/request is very simple, is it possible to have some offline visioning for the video tutorials?

I understand that your business model is basically a VOD system, so allowing downloads can jeopardise it, and dealing with DRMs is a hassle, so how about a reader app with caching possibilities? (somehow like Youtube Red).

The reason is that, like many here, I am on the move a lot, and when in long trips, it’s the best time to fire the iPad and watch some tutorials, but no network means only cached/downloaded videos are possible.
My best app is of course iTunes-U, followed by the WWDC app.

Don’t you think it’s possible to have an app that, like WWDC/iTunes-U, allows to securely download/cache selected videos, and like Adobe CC, checks your current monthly subscription to allow playback or refuse/delete cache?



Hi Ein,

We’re going to be looking at how subscribers view videos over the coming months, and making some improvements to to the platform. Offline viewing is definitely on our list of features we’d like to offer, so although I can’t promise anything, we’re definitely going to be considering it.

Thanks for your feedback - it really helps us as we plan to improve the platform.



Dear Sam,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Always looking forward to improvements and enjoying your tutorials.



Hello, any update on this subject as I am often on long flights and is the perfect time for me to watch and learn.


This is still on the list of things we’d love to implement, but we’re very much limited by the development capacity of the team (well, it’s Mic and me). We’re currently working on improving other parts of the site but will be reviewing the roadmap again at the beginning of next year.

This is definitely on the list of most-requested features, so it rates pretty highly. I’m personally hoping that we’ll be able to offer something, but I can’t guarantee anything :frowning: - sorry!



Would be nice to have an Apple TV app as well :sweat_smile:

I know it’s maybe asking a lot, but it can be fun as a Video Reader/Player Tutorial, maybe even handling the subscription right there as an IAP.

Looking forward to some updates.
Thanks :wink:



I too desperately want to create an Apple TV app. I’m not sure we’ll be able to offer subscription via IAP, but the ability to watch content is definitely on the list of things I want to provide.



Hi @samdavies, any update on this subject? I recently moved to London and I would love so much to watch videos offline (while commuting! :slight_smile:)

Many thanks!


Hi @chicojobs,

I’m really sorry to have to report that although this a feature that’s really important to us, we’ve still been unable to devote any development time to it. We’re definitely keen to build it at some stage, but unfortunately we have a tiny development team and a list of tasks longer than I am tall.

I am considering approaches that would allow us to deliver this functionality sooner, but I can’t promise anything right now—sorry!



Hey, I just want to express my interest in offline viewing. I’d like to watch videos on my subway commute, but don’t have internet access. Offline viewing would be huuuuge, and I’d for sure be a longtime customer if this feature were available.



Just adding a vote for offline viewing.


one more vote for offfline viewing app.


One more vote for an offline player.


Another vote for the offline player!


Seeing that it’s been a year and a half already since I started this thread, I won’t hold my breath, really.
A real shame, seeing that I don’t maintain a subscription anymore because it ends up being useless to me (I am outside of home almost all the time, and I could watch a video mostly when my connexion is bad/limited/none) and end up using other services as learning sources.

A mobile app with secure offline cache isn’t that complicated, heck it could be even an excuse for a good course.


Would be an awesome feature. I’d re-subscribe for sure if it were available.


I think its time to start taking this request for offline viewing seriously.


kindly provide update for offline access. It shouldn’t take forever.


I would subscribe again if I could watch the videos offline.
Please make that possible.


This would be a fab addition to the RW eco system.