Video subscription upgrade process horrid

I hardly ever complain, but this issue has me unhappy… to say the least.

I love the tutorials, and I own every book published by Ray, but this video subscription process sucks.

My subscription is legacy, and will renew on 1/26/2017
So I click manage subscription and it takes me to the page that tells me I have to cancel my legacy subscription to upgrade to another offering - fine no problem.
When I click cancel, it asks my why I am cancelling and I click confirm.
Then I get this frustrating message, reactivate your account. You have until 1/262017 to reactivate…
Why in the blue blazes do I have to wait? I want access to the content now…

Can someone explain why this upgrade/cancel/reactivate/wait-to-purchase process doesn’t seem to work!?!?


I’ve let the behind-the-scenes folks know. Hopefully one of us will get you sorted soon.

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Thank you so much. I was beginning to think I had lost why mind!


Hey @jamiedaniel, I’ve sent you an email via our support system — have a look and let me know how I can help! -Chris

Jamie, the subscription thing SUCKS.

My subscription is also legacy. My credit card is about to expire so I tried updating the details. I can’t.

I can only replace my current subscription with a new one and pay $4.80 a month more.

Did I miss something somewhere about a price hike?