Vector Math needs better explanation

just some feedback, Chapter 2:

The vector math in Chapter 2 of 2D games RW book kind of lost me. It wasn’t clear why the offset vector has the right direction but the wrong length…
or why a “unit vector” means a “vector of length 1".

Maybe a reference to an outside source for a refresher on this stuff? It’s been so long since H.S. geometry :stuck_out_tongue:

@abunur. Thanks very much for your feedback!

I apologize if you found some of the terminology confusing. My guess is that since the book is about gaming, it makes the assumption that perhaps those who are reading are familiar with certain concepts. In fairness a “unit vector” referring to a “vector of length 1” to me seems intuitive, since in many instances, the term “unit” refers to a base measurement of some kind, but I can see why some may find it confusing.

I will pass the message along to the author(s), and hopefully we can provide more clarity in future editions. :slight_smile:

All the best!

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