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[VAPOR] FluentMySQL: Unable to create a table [RESOLVED]

why this on only SheetData model? Conform SheetData to ReflectionDecodable: extension SheetData: ReflectionDecodable { }.


solution 1: change [SheetData] to SheetData in Language -> LOL
solution 2: add the [SheetData] variable as a column via the console

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@lganti Do you still have issues with this?

Nope. Answered on the discord server. Thanks for checking in!

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Model properties are now defined and accessed statically. Key paths to these property definitions are used to get and set properties.

final class Planet: Model {
struct Properties: ModelProperties {
let id = Field(“id”)
let name = Field(“name”)
let galaxy = Parent(id: Field(“galaxyID”))
static let properties = Properties()
var storage: Storage
init(storage: Storage) { = storage
convenience init(name: String, galaxy: Galaxy) {
self.set(.name, to: name)
self.set(.galaxy, to: galaxy)

let planet: Planet // pulled from DB
let name = try planet.get(.name)