[VAPOR] FluentMySQL: Unable to create a table [RESOLVED]

why this on only SheetData model? Conform SheetData to ReflectionDecodable: extension SheetData: ReflectionDecodable { }.

models: https://gist.github.com/lahariganti/2cc0afe477017fe0293eac8676e7e78c
configure: https://gist.github.com/lahariganti/697cd1f6deb911b0a920513d6f9211ac

solution 1: change [SheetData] to SheetData in Language -> LOL
solution 2: add the [SheetData] variable as a column via the console

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@lganti Do you still have issues with this?

Nope. Answered on the discord server. Thanks for checking in!

Hi @lewis-h,
How is that relevant to FluentMySQL or the question above?