Value of type 'Button<Text>' has no member 'alert'

In the SwiftUI sample program RGBullseye, I get the above error when compiling. What has happened?


@stevelhunt Do you still have issues with this?

I am going through the tutorial and am receiving the same error. When I open the starter project to compare the code, I also receive the error as well. Below it I also receive Value of type ‘Any’ has no member padding.

hi Jake! are you using v1.1 of the book?

Hi Audrey,

I believe so but I can double check.

maybe download a fresh copy? I’m not having any trouble with the projects in chapters 2 and 3

I tried downloading and opening again (both starter projects from 2 and 3) but I still get errors. Here is a screen capture of Chapter 3’s starter RGBullsEye’s ContentView.swift file

What version of Xcode are you using? You need 11 for SwiftUI.

Xcode 10 doesn’t know about @State