Using Proxyman to Inspect Network Traffic |

Learn how to use Proxyman as a man-in-the-middle proxy to inspect network traffic on your iOS device or simulator.

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There are some errors for the starter project ------> Unknown attribute ‘MainActor’

You must use Xcode 13/iOS 15 for this tutorial.

I was wondering, why did you keep the article scope with just iOS. Proxyman can also use with Android.

Nice tutorial! The website for the jokes was down unfortunately but I still managed to follow along. Also it is nice to have an example of networking code with iOS 15 and actors :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right! However, we do like to keep our tutorials platform specific. There might be another one for Android too.

Thank you! I am really sorry that has happened. That’s the issue when using public APIs, you never know when they will stop working. But it gives a tutorial a nice twist, you can inspect the errors now. :laughing:

Now only getting 500 HTTP Response on the Joke API. It would be useful for following along the tutorial if code could be updated to use an available API or an alternate API server could be mentioned. Or code included additional error handling?

As is, on my Simulator, the 500 Server error isn’t recovered from, and no other network requests were getting made.

It could be an opportunity to illustrate what a good pattern to follow in an app for when API server is down like this for example?

Hi @idcrook, my apologies for that! I was hoping the server error was temporary.

I was able to find another API with the same JSON structure. I updated the materials and the tutorial to use this new API. I hope you’ll now be able to complete the tutorial and follow along. Thank you! :]

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Thank you! I finally had a chance to get back to this. I downloaded (again) and extracted the file from the tutorial.

The joke API is working great now.