Using images that contain several images in one file

I was playing around the other day with some image viewers and constraints just working on my skills if you will, when I went out and downloaded a free image file. I noticed in the file it contained several images (they called it a vector file). Is there something special I need to do, to use this file in IOS?

I hope I’m making myself clear, but in case I’m not here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Hi @dpalme

If those images are in .png format you don’t need to do anything, you can just use them in your app. As far as i can see that link contains an .ai file, which is the Adobe Illustrator format. Adobe illustrator is a vector editor. You can’t use .ai files on ios, i am not very familiar with the Adobe Illustrator, but you should be able to export elements in .jpg/.png format, which is what you need.

However you can use vector images in iOS app, but they should be in pdf format. You can see more info here:

Hope this is helpful.


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