Use image picker to save photos to 2 different image view (swift3)

I want the user to take 2 different photos using 2 different imageviews and 2 different buttons (a left and right side). I know how to do this with using imagepicker Delegate but not with 2 different imageviews. Both imageviews will have different photos and use a different button to take the photo. Basically the left and right sides have nothing to do with each other.

       import UIKit

        class _vc: UIViewController {

       @IBOutlet var leftImage: UIImageView!
      @IBOutlet var rightImage: UIImageView!

      override func viewDidLoad() {

       // Do any additional setup after loading the view.

     @IBAction func takePhotoLeft(_ sender: Any) {
     @IBAction func takePhotoRgith(_ sender: Any) {

What’s the main issue you are having trouble with? I think you will still use UIImagePicker and imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:) - the only thing you might need to do differently is record which is the active view you are trying to save an image for so that you can choose which view to populate once an image is picked.