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Hey Audrey! Thank you for the tutorial.
I have a question here.
Why did we use quality of service as ‘utility’ for the global DispatchQueue to download the image? Could we have also used ‘userInitiated’ here? Would it make a big difference if we use one or the other? Thanks.

hi Shruti! userInitiated is for tasks that run in response to an actual action by the user, like tapping a button. In the Concurrency app, the download tasks just populate the collection view, so it’s more of a background activity.

userInitiated for all the image downloads would probably use more battery power than utility

Note: This question is about Episode 5.

Thanks Audrey. So we don’t use background qos in that case because it is a time sensitive high priority task which the user is aware of and not any background task like database management, synchronizing, and backups.

hi Shruti: yes, background is for tasks that don’t really affect the user experience.