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My project builds but I’m getting compile errors around BooksFragment, it tells me I need to implement prepareCall from the ActivityResultLauncher and then when I implement those members it will not build and tells me that my methods override nothing. Very confusing and I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrectly.

Hey @jordancw418!

You’re not doing anything wrong! A friend of mine had the same issue. Try using an older Android Studio version.

E.g. AS 4.2 Canary 13, instead of the Canary 16 or whichever is newest. This is a bug in AS that “forces” you to implement functions you don’t need to actually implement.

Note that on Canary 13, even if you get the “error”, you should be able to build the project.

Let me know if this helps!

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It helps to know that it’s not an issue on my end! It does in fact still build so I’m able to complete the course it just pains me to see errors on my classes. Thanks for the suggestion to downgrade AS but I’ll probably just live with it for now :crazy_face:

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