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Upgrade iOS Summer Bundle to Fall Bundle

I have purchased the iOS Summer Bundle, but I would really love to upgrade to the Fall bundle for the other two books. I tried emailing Ray and also, but have not received a response so far.

Hope to get some response before the sale ends, thanks!

Hi @jcjee,

Thanks for your interest in the iOS Fall Bundle. Since you have already purchased the Summer Bundle, we’re happy to offer you this at the discounted price of $49.01. I’ve already set up this order for you in your account and sent you a link to it via email :]


Hi Katie,

Like jcjee, I would love to upgrade from Summer to iOS Fall Bundle! Could you setup this upgrade for me?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi @evautherin,

Of course - check your emails from, you’ll find the link to upgrade in there :]


Hi Katie,

I would like to upgrade my Summer Bundle as well.


Hello, same here I have also purchased the summer bundle, can I get iOS Test-Driven Development at a discount?

Thank you Katie. However the bundle offer will close in few hours and still no link in my mailbox (or spam)…

Hi @evautherin,

I’m sorry - not sure why you didn’t receive the email. Here is your link: you’ll need to be logged into your account to access this link and make the payment.

Any more problems, just let me know.


Hi @codebendr,

No problem, please use this link here: - you’ll need to be logged into your account to access your link and complete this order.

Any questions, just let me know :]

Thank you so much Katie!