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Updated Course: Saving Data in iOS

Since WWDC, we have released 17 new or updated courses for subscribers. Today, we’re happy to release our 18th course: Saving Data in iOS, now fully updated for iOS 10 and Swift 3! In this course, you’ll take a tour of the many different ways to save data in iOS, such as User Defaults, […]

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It would be great if you could provide written files as well as the videos, some people, like me, like to listen to music when working on tutorials…

Plus I like to keep my own pace.
And it’s easier to re-read a sentence than it is to replay it.
And to annotate a written text instead of a filmed one.

Hi Jessy, that’s not full in topic, but did you had some experience on converting a full featured EKEvent (with alarms and recurrence) in Dictionary or Json format (and back) ?

I had enormous problems doing it.



Hi Victor,

To this point, neither Catie nor I have experience doing this. We’d love to hear about you overcoming the related challenges though.