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Unity AR & VR Giveaway


What to do you want to create with Unity AR & VR? Let us know and we’ll pick the coolest idea and send you a free copy of the book. This giveaway ends on April 10th, 2019. Cheers!

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Never had a chance to try and build something with AR/VR stuff. But since I have experiences with building fashion eCommerce app in my daily job, I think it would be great to create app where user can have virtual fitting room. Yeah, that’s sounds too awesome for a AR/VR newbie like me. :slight_smile:


I would create AR experience for climbers, so they can place there 3D model of a mountain on a table, and plan how and where will there expedition be. Like preview of a mountain where they can place checkpoints and have better visulization how mountain looks.


:blush: mmmmm
i love when it comes to these kind of give aways


I have some experience in developing 3d simple games, I’m super passionate about VR &AR, but I’ve never had the chance to learn these skills beside the AR VR week here, I will be super grateful and excited for this opportunity to learn AR &VR more .for VR I would like to make an Experience for reading a book in VR. For example, a glorified children’s book with pictures come to life and cool animations, and for AR I’m thinking of DIY app that teaches and guides people using AR tutorial on how to make simple DIY projects


My students are trying to re-create an historical civil rights event that happened here in Mississippi back in the early 60’s as an educational resource since the buildings/landmarks no longer exist.


I want to create an intuitive VR interface for viewing and interacting with astrodynamics spacecraft simulation software. The long term goal of this work would be to visualize complex 3D relationships that cannot be easily explained with traditional 2D plots. The software development would involve creating tools that allow for a clear understanding of real problems faced by spacecraft in orbit to allow the user to make decisions faster than with conventional analysis tools.


I am going to create a VR application for artists to color,deform,reform,merge different shapes along with different functionalities.
Along with useful sculpting operations,I am planning this customization by the artists to create useful experiences and environments without the aid to actually learn software for these artist I am aiming to bridge the gap between computer science and creativity (that would more often lead to good experiences) leading to the creation of cool virtual environments!


Hi everyone, I want to create an horror VR game inspired on the characters of John Carpenter’s The Thing.


A way for objects to be created on the server side, but downloaded locally on load of an app ( Ar / VR )