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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Unity’s 2D techniques to build an old-school pinball game using sorting groups, the mesh editor and more.

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This tutorial is incredibly helpful. Thank you for all of your amazing instructions!
I finished doing this tutorial and am trying to take it a bit further. I created a ramp that goes over the playfield and drops the ball off at the top. How would you go about having the ball ignore collisions when on the ramp and go over and under the ramp? I tried creating a new “ramp” layer and “ramp” sprite sorting layer. The Ramp and Obstacles Layers ignore each other’s collision. when the ball enters the bottom of the ramp it hits a trigger and it switches the Ball from Default/Obstacles to Ramp/Ramp. It doesn’t work. The ball doesn’t switch until it dies and then is on ramp/ramp on spawn. It falls through the world. Am I on the right track? is there a simpler way? I know almost nothing about programming :frowning:

Update: I solved it! now it’s working beautifully.

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how did you get it to work? I’m stuck also.