Unity 2D Basics Part 2: Sprites (Video Tutorial)

Sorry for posting this here, but the ‘new topic’ button seems disabled under the Official Tutorials forum and in the old forums, there is no 'reply button so I cannot figure out how/where I am able to post this.

Re: Challenge B-1

The Alien Attack games comes with a lot of sprites. Your challenge is to import all the sprites and configure them to be used in the game.
To get started, open the challenge starter project or continue from the project you used in the last video tutorial.
Next, download the challenge files that are included with this game. The challenge files contain the majority of the sprite that you will be using in this game.

The files are not at the links with the video - I have downloaded all of them and the assets folders are empty (except for Main.Unity). The old forum says that they are in the ‘challenge_finished’ folder - they aren’t.

Can someone point me to them please?


Hi Ed — I’ll see if I can find these and get back to you soon. Thanks!

I think the link is broken or you forgot to add a link for the video tutorials.I cant really figure it out where/how to watch your tutorial without given a link on your post. :cry: